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Tattered Tiaras MAR 24

Tattered Tiaras MAR 24


Saturday, March 24th

Tattered Tiaras

A ManneqArt Inspired workshop

Instructor:  Patti Euler

The Queen’s Ink
8600 Foundry Street  Savage Mill
Savage, MD 20763

Date: Saturday, March 24

Time:  10:30 -5pm

Workshop Fee: $60

This workshop is designed to accomplish two amazingly creative things:   First, you’ll learn how to make an armature, or structure out of wire, masking tape and aluminum foil.   An armature is the “foundation” of any sculptural artwork and building it right saves time and avoids problems in the future.   Second, you will create a beautiful tiara, crown, or headpiece that you can wear or display as a beautiful art piece.   Who doesn’t love a tiara?   We will be using beautiful ribbons, silks, lace and fibers generously donated by ManneqART founder and fashion designer Lee Andersen, and lots of silk  flowers and embellishments to adorn your tiara.    Consider bringing some old costume jewelry, small toys or a favorite trinket to personalize your artwork.  If you have a special theme or idea bring some materials to support your design and we will help fill in the rest.  The possibilities are endless.   Bring your ManneqART 2018 Competition ideas and materials to this workshop and we’ll work with you to get your project off on the right foot (or left foot, if you prefer!!).   Even if you are not entering the 2018 ManneqArt Competition, this is still a great workshop to learn some new craft skills and have a great day of artful fun.

Maybe you’ll be inspired after all to enter the ManneqART  Competition this year. Register at www.manneqart.org   

(A short lunch break is planned so bring a brown bag lunch or grab a bite from the “Say Cheese Grill.”)

Contact ManneqART
301-778-0616,  email: manneqart@gmail.com or Patti Euler 301-497-9449