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If you've ever considered creating a piece for the ManneqART Competition or simply want to amp up your art skills, you're in luck. ManneqART award winners and technical experts are offering a series of affordable workshops. These hands-on programs are designed to enhance technical skills so that artists can create more durable, spectacular works of art. Our first three programs will get you up and running prior to the March 31st Early Bird Registration deadline for the 2019 ManneqART Competition.Topics and dates include:



Sunday, March 24 – Tattered Torso $80.00

10:00 – 5:00 Bring Your Own Lunch or Purchase at Say Cheese Café

This hands-on workshop is the first of three offered at The Queens Ink in Savage Mill on behalf of ManneqART. Be on the lookout for upcoming Tattered Tiara and Bra-vo workshops. Patti Euler, owner of The Queens Ink, past ManneqART award winner, and now a proud member of the ManneqART board, will guide participants through this creative process. Her teaching partner will be Stacy Levy, a three-time ManneqART award winner and creative problem solver.

Using rigid wrap and/or plaster wrap shaped on a plastic dress form (provided), you will create a torso decorated in a theme of your choosing. Please bring items, objects, old jewelry and embellishments to support your theme. We will provide all other material including torso, ribbon and yummy fabrics and fibers from Lee Andersen’s factory. For inspiration, we will explore finished artworks at the ManneqART Museum, conveniently housed at Savage Mill.

Artists of all skill levels will:

  • Call upon their inner fashion goddess to create a mini sculpture
  • Select a finish, e.g., paint, glitter, decorative napkins, texture paste, fabric, ribbon, etc.
  • Walk away with a completed tattered torso

Note: If interested, your work of art will be on display at the June 30th ManneqMadness Photography Day and Competition at Savage Mill.

Future Workshops beyond the first quarter will likely include:

  • Mask-Making
  • Working with Paper so It Lasts
  • Tattered Tiara
  • Bra-vo
  • Fun with Fiberglass: Quick tricks for incorporating fiberglass into your artwork
  • Building Block Basics

Questions?  Contact ManneqART 301-778-0616,  Email:  manneqart@gmail.com

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